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Here is what some of our customers have to say:

You are the man!!! I could not be more pleased with your design.
After one conversation you were able to reproduce exactly what I had in mind.
You have no idea how much I appreciate your expertise. Thanks for making my day even better than it is already. - Terrence P.

Jason Kamps did more fine graphics work than any one of us could notice.
You know you're on top of this when people from other teams compliment our team graphics, as happened yesterday. - Gardner D.

These design are great. Even better than I expected! - Troy S.

This is just too cool. I'm glad to see someone knows what they are doing. Very nice artistic touch and that makes me happy.
You are getting many rave reviews in Atlanta from several professional graphic artists, voice artists,
and some old newspaper designers I worked with back when we used x-actos! Very clean work. - Jerry G.

I honestly don't know what we'd do without you...... Thank you so much! xoxoxoxo - Liza P.

Just wanted to drop you a quick note and tell you how much I love my cd and business supply designs...they're great.
Thanks so much! - Julie B.

THANK YOU SO MUCH - we adore the shirts - our attendees adore them - and everyone wants one.
Your support really helped us make the even a huge success this year. You rock! - Susan O.

You did a really spectacular job with this and all the other LSV stuff. - Charlene R.

That is a pretty nice piece of work, Jason. "The man has quite a way with a few simple lines." - Mr. D.

Hey thanks from me and the rest of the "Devil's Radio" boys, thank you so much for all the help you gave us on the cd.
We all really appreciate it. - Dennis

F***ing magnificent work!!!! Amazing, really! Thanks. - David G.

Got an e-mail yesterday from another lady who gushed about having worn her tee shirt to the gym.
You did a fantastic job on those shirts and it did not go unnoticed. Thanks again. - Margaret H.

I just wanted to say that the She Got Bike T-shirt is outstanding. Love the color, design and especially that cool logo! - Anne K.

It's always hard to know what is good (at least for us non-professionals), but after looking at many different
companies' logos yesterday I have to say that we now have one of the best. Thanks! - Steve W.

As the photos show, the road was indeed gritty and wet this morning, and thus your reward for holding close to your teammate’s
wheel was a face full of mud. At the very least though, the JHU team jersey design easily beat the [other teams]. - Clifton S.

I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for exceptional work yesterday. It was great working with you again
and WE ARE THRILLED with the new ad. It's fabulous! - Jean B.

Just wanted to say thanks for the t-shirts and helping us out on such short notice.
They looked great and the obnoxious red color made it very easy to see each other.
(The red seemed kind of appropriate since we all work in an HIV clinic.) - Jenny H.

Everything looks great!! You did a fantastic job! - Chuck A.

I wanted to let you know how our first weekend of sales went. Everyone loved the new line of items that you designed.
The quality and detail of merchandise was very well received by everyone. - Grace S.

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